Ricardo Lopes

ricardo lopes

VR Mods

I modified a few conventional "flat" games into full VR experiences. Got some coverage by UploadVR , DualShockers, Eurogamer, and more.

VR Mods Patreon

People who like what I do can join my Patreon, which gives them access to early development versions of some of my VR mods.


Converts the game "Outer Wilds" into a full VR experience, with full motion controls.


Two Forks VR

Converts the game "Firewatch" into a full VR experience, with motion controls and comfort options.


Outer Wilds Modding Ecosystem

As part of the modding community of the video game Outer Wilds, I built an ecosystem with a database, app, and website. All running off of static data on GitHub, while still having up to date information about all the mods.

Mod Manager

Windows app for installing and downloading mods.


Mods Website

Web page with information about game modifications. Static page, but updates itself automatically with data from the mod database.


Mod Database

Aggregates all mod repos made by the community into a self-updating repo. The website and mod manager both use this database.

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Professional Projects

These are a few of the projects I contributed to during my professional career.


VR toolset for video capture, streaming, etc. I modify Unity games to add support for all the LIV tools.



End-to-end vision AI solution, with AI-assisted annotation, automated QA, etc, to assist in the creation of models.



Ticketing platform for trains / buses. I did maintenance and implementation of new features on the front end for trainline.com.


AutoScout24 Switzerland

Marketplace for vehicles. I worked on the main page, and created a new area for private members.


CityRow Go

Fitness app for rowing enthusiasts. I helped create the React Native app.

TypeScriptReact Native

Radiator Labs

App / device for improving the efficiency of radiators. I built a dashboard with graphs and stats about said radiators.


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Other Game Dev Projects


Minimalist "snake" video game, available on Steam. Previously available on Android and iOS.


Brave Bunny

Worked on multiple small game projects with friends, participated in a bunch of game jams and other events.